Stockbridge, MA

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What brings you to Writers Networking? I identify as:

Writer, Agent, Acquisition Editor, Freelance Editor, Publisher, Other

What are some of your interests?

Animals, nonfiction, Paranormal, Reading, Spirituality, Travel, Writing

Company Name if any

Micro Publishing Media

What school did you attend?

Ohio State University

What is your hometown?

Smithtown, New York

What do you write?

My preference is memoir and creative nonfiction. My other books have been nonfiction, how-to mixed with anecdotes and illustrations. Right now I am working on family history. As part of my publishing and book marketing company, I coach writers which often involves helping frame their work. I enjoy developmental editing and finding the story and hook for other writers. 

What subjects do you write about?

I have written books for writers including one about spiritual writing. I have also written two law books that reviewers described as self-help. When my children were younger, I wrote a humorous book about motherhood and assisted in a book about discipline for troubled teens. My work runs the gamut, including a book about sex and intimacy during pregnancy. My most rigorous and challenging project was about the Manson family cult. I had the privilege of writing the memoir of the youngest member of the cult. Dianne Lake joined Manson at age 14, did not take part in the crimes, but became a key witness against them. It was an opportunity to use all of my writing skills, and to stretch beyond what I thought I could do. 

Are you represented? If so, by whom? You don’t need to tell us.

My husband, Jeff Herman, represents me. I am very fortunate. However, he wont' represent something if he doesn't think it is good enough.

Have you been published? If published, please tell us about it.

Yes. I have written and have had 13 books traditionally published. I am now involved in micro-publishing through my own company. Publishing has changed a great deal and I hope to use my experience on all sides of the industry to help people bring their work to fruition with as much professionalism and strategy as possible. 

Were your books traditionally published? Were your books self-published? Or somewhere in between?

All of my books were traditionally published. However, through Micro Publishing Media, I have helped create books with co-authors and am in the process of some Indie publishing of  my own work. 

What are you working on now? Are you currently shopping a project for publication?

I am working with writers through bookmarketingacademy.com to help them create a quality editorial product with a corresponding marketing and author branding strategy. I am also working on a family history that I hope will become a creative nonfiction memoir. 

Tell us about some of your favorite books, television shows or movies.

I love all the Law and Orders, whether they are the original or the SVU. I am a sucker for older sitcoms, and my all-time favorite is Frasier. I have seen every episode several times. I have many other favs but will have to give it some thought. 

What do you hope to see in Writers Networking? How can we serve you?

I hope the network can become the lively place we envisioned when we began in 2013. We know there are many opportunities for people to network but we feel we have brought together the best of all worlds for writers and book lovers.