In a play, from the beginning, you have to realize that you’re preparing something which is going into the hands of other people, unknown at the time you’re writing it.

T. S. ELIOT, The Paris Review, Spring-Summer, 1959

 This is a group for people who write for the stage and who want to know more about the theater business. 

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  • Thank you all for being a part of this group. We would love to know more about what you are doing. We have a micro publishing website with niche imprints. If you have plays or products that would work in book form let us know. We would also welcome upload of any video or other performance information. Let us know what interests you. We would even welcome reviews of existing plays. I recently saw the play "Weisenthal" and it was amazing. let's talk theater. 

  • Deborah,

    Would you like to see one of my other duets that no one has purchased? "Books" is owned by JD Drama Publishing. I wouldn't want any payment only feedback on the play's structure. If your group likes it they can perform it as many times as they like.

  • A note to all of you. Community theater groups are great avenues for you to test your plays. As a group my Community theater does a lot of readings. This is a good way to get feedback. 

  • Warren, I would love to see your play for children. I am in community theater and we often do readings as a part of a series. We have not done one for children. Would this be a possibility? We are a non-profit. What is the royalty arrangement for your play. I would like to look it over to present to our play selection committee. Thanks. 

  • Hello All,

    I write short plays for children and have had one purchased by JD Drama Publishing.

    It was a duet called "Books", the actors were a boy and a girl. The duet went for approximately fifteen minutes.

    Writing plays for children I find is a good stimulus for the imagination.

    There are several outlets online that purchase plays for children. Some offer a one time payment for the script, others offer royalties based on the number of performances.

    The best part is getting feedback from the children. It nce to hear that your writing has brought some joy into the world.

    I also write middle grade books for children.

    Looking forward to interacting with you all.



  • Hi all:

    I enjoy writing short scripts...plays and screenplays. I have two one-act plays and a full-length play written (editing the full-length currently). I also write short screenplays. I was close to having my short screenplay produced but the funding fell through... oh well... back to the grindstone...which is a great place to keep my pencil sharpened!!!

    All the best in 2012 to you all and all your writing projects!!!


  • Hi Mike, All

    Great story Mike! (ie Your history/backstory with playwriting!)

    I have written (and performed in) theatre productions, and most recently wrote a Musical Western Zombie Comedy... (which was actually based on a true story)

    (it hasn't been performed yet, but I have high hopes, I submitted it to a local theatre group, they are still reading it)

    I am thinking, I will throw it up on the web... So that more people can access it. Plays are wonderful - but being short-lived, it seems a shame they can't have a life beyond the stage... (Unless they are adapted into a film, I guess...)

    I'm a fan of Rogers & Hammerstein stuff, also Grease, Rocky Horror, etc.

    Good luck with the show Elizabeth!

    Monologues are great. I love soliloquys in plays, and recently read Moby-Dick and was stunned to see some play/monologue sections. LOL

    I like this site too:

    Monologue Archive
    A huge archive of monologues for actors.
  • Hi! I joined this group, just now, because I write monologues and screenplays, as well as fiction/non-fiction. I'm an actor/storyteller with one-woman shows. As an actor, it gives me a lot of freedom to write and perform my own material.  I'll be going out on tour next year with one of the shows. Love the story of your son, Michael, and of having to write an instant play for Christmas. Made me smile. Happy writing to all the playwrights out there!

  • Well Deborah, it looks as though it is up to you and me to get this particular forum moving forward. I realize that this is a new forum so, with any luck, hopefully many more "would be playwrights" will be joining us soon. With that in mind, I will start things off by explaining my relationship with playwriting.

    Some fifteen or so years ago, my youngest son came home from catholic school and announced that he and I would "write" the annual Christmas play for his school. "Oh by way dad, it is due in two weeks." I won't go into my initial reaction to his request but, suffice it to say, the school play was finished on time. If my memory serves me correctly, I don't recall my son writing a single word. But then again, any participation on his part would have slowed the writing down immensely. The plays title was "The Man Who Lost His Way." It was a modern day adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

    It would be some years later before the inspiration, serindiptously, took hold of me to actually write a full-length musical play with 21 sets of lyrics included (think West Side Story). While I've previously written some lyrics with music, I realized that this endeavor was going to be way over my head musically. I eventually began collaborating with a musician in Nashville. I'm happy to note that he produced some great music. It would be six songs later before he started hitting me up, however, for some big bucks in order for him to continue (something about needing better musical equipment). As a single parent with two young boys at the time, big bucks I did not have. So, the musical play went back onto my book shelf to gather more dust -- and that is where it has remained for the past eight or so years. Only recently has our church music director expressed an interest in possibly writing the music. But he is one busy, busy guy so I'm not holding my breath on his following through any time soon. From time to time over the years I have searched the Web for possible "collaborators" but to no avail. I have a feeling that I was simply looking in all the wrong places. Who knows, maybe this forum will end up connecting me with someone who is looking to write music for a musical. 

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