If you are interested in submitting your work to an agent or a traditional publisher you need to master this protocol. We can try to answer your questions about what it takes to make your submissions to publishing professionals. We may also create some trainings for you. 

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Jeff and Deborah Herman are the co-founders of WAENet and the authors of Write the Perfect Book Proposal now in its 3rd edition. The Jeff Herman Agency has sold over 1,000 mostly non-fiction books to all types of traditional publishers from the Conglomerates to the Indies and everything in between. Deborah Herman, the proposal dragon lady, has been responsible for screening query letters and proposals beyond what should be humanly possible so she knows what works and clearly what doesn't. Please ask your questions here and perhaps we will expand it into some webinars or trainings for you. Deborah is also available for editing and consultation on your submission package and she promises to be gentle. 

Fiction writers also benefit from book proposals so don't be shy. 

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