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  • Greetings all.  Been out for a while (of course, writing) and as regards promotionals:  My novel before the most recent one was concerning crime and punishment, the commercial prison industry and the mindset of many present and former prisoners.  When I initially published "Hustling Backwards," I tried to get it into some the libraries of the some-262 prisons across the nation.  Sent an email to the Head Librarian, Federal Bureau of Prisons and she told me to query the head librarians of each prison!  I visited the FBP web site, saw listings of all the prisons.  Time consuming, but cut and paste each email addy into an open Word doc, crafted my initial letter, sent it to about 50 at a time.  Thus far, a few single sales and, as I publish through Amazon's Createspace, saw one morning that 15 of my 16 (then) novels had been purchased overnight.  Clear indication that ONE prison had taken my suggestion and stocked up on all (except one) of my novels!

  • Thank you all for your helpful responses and suggestions.

  • Another way to get the attention of reviewers and agents is to engage with them on social media. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of agents on Twitter. You can make dedicated Twitter lists of agents and reviewers who work with your genre, then engage with them socially. Via, authors share book bubbles (like this one: with agents and reviewers both socially and through email. Hope this helps! 

  • Freda, one idea is slip in a teaser while connecting to popular ideas through social media. For example, say your thriller doesn't have any vampires or zombies, so you post a picture of a zombie and say something like "Mr. X in my new thriller is even scarier than this."

  • Thanks, Linda.  Exactly what I was hoping to hear!

  • Freda, By all  means start hyping your novel via teasers. They tell you to build a platform just FOR this reason. You need to start hyping your book months before it's available.  Best of luck to you. Linda

  • Hi!  Looking for input on a question.  While I pitch my new thriller, Tell On You to agents, is it acceptable to hype the novel via teasers on my website and social media pages?  Or is that a no-no?  If I don't find representation, I'll self-publish.  Would welcome input on what's appropriate.  Thanks!

  • Hi all!

    My first novel, a historical fiction story based on true events, is scheduled to release on June 27, 2016. I am currently knee deep in figuring out marketing, and I feel like I'm wandering in the dark a bit. Any advice?

    The publisher has asked that I send them a list of potential endorsers and influencers for the book, so I'm trying to put that together, but I don't really know where to start to find the right people. Influencers are easy enough, but endorsers have me a little stressed out. I'm open to any and all advice! Thanks so much!

  • Glad to be a part of this group! Getting ready to launch my new website to help promote retreat planning products ( and my recent Amazon #1 best seller "The Momentum Factor" (leadership, team motivation, team building, retreats) Would like to find an agent -or help- with getting book into Direct Selling Association. 

    Tamilyn Banno | Thought Leader, Mentor, and Writer in Personal and Leadership Development
    Known for inspirational leadership retreats and the Momentum Model of Leadership, Tamilyn Banno engages and produces highly proficient leaders and te…
  • Hello, Robert! Glad to see you, again! I'm looking forward to being part of this group. It should be a lot of fun. Best to you and everyone on this interesting, informative and intriguing site.

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