Holiday Gift Lists?

Anyone have suggestions for getting a book included in a holiday gift suggestion list in newspapers or online? Any connections or leads you might pass on to a fellow writer? My publisher, St. Lynn's Press, specializes in books that make good gifts and my new book Coffee for Roses is in that style. Suggestions?


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  • Sign up at for alerts. They are currently soliciting holiday gift ideas.

    Allen Klein, author of The Healing Power of Humor, and, Having the Time of Your Life

    • My foray into PitchRate today reminded me of why I opted out of this website in the past. Doesn't it seem to you that it's mainly bloggers who are looking for free stuff?  Yes, some of them have big followings, but mostly they seem like people who just want products for themselves and the blog gives them the creds to choose those things they want. Tell me if I'm off base here.

    • Yes, a number of blogs may be in it for free stuff, but they get my book on their blog which gets publicity for a long time.

    • Thanks, Allen - I'll check it out!

  • Hi. I'm not an expert,  but I think the one's that get into print receive gift copies -- that is, the people who write those articles get the book months in advance, probably in the Spring.

    Are there specific online outlets you're thinking of? 

    i think this is a great idea, btw.


    • Deni,

      Glossy magazines prepare such lists 6 to 8 months in advance, but newspapers often do them in the fall for November. Online lists can be done anytime, and are.... Right now I'm googleing "holiday gift lists" and similar, and seeing which publications have done such articles in the past. Once I see that I'm looking for particular editors who have prepared such articles, and contacting them. So the standard leg-work (now finger work in the digital age) that one does. But I posted here in case someone else has ideas or connections they are willing to share.

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