When is the right time to hire a publicist?

Have any of you hired publicists and have they been effective? Have they also worked with you with your online presence? 

I am curious about this because I am now a micro publisher and have spoken with a few publicists about what they offer. One does a lot of work with self- published authors but I know that here are a lot of limitations. Self-published books will not be distributed in retail stores. And Create Space is not considered a publishing imprint for this purpose.

Have any of you had luck with taking this route? 8127664881?profile=original 

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  • Looked at hiring some in the past,eventually struck me as a waste of money unless you're prepared to throw monies at them on a 'Kardashian' level, I even went to their publicist and was told that I would be ''looking at seven figures a year''.Best to be your own self publicity machine and keep the dollars where they belong,with you !!

  • I'm enjoying this conversation because hiring a publicist is a current thought of mine...

    • Hi Tamilyn, 

      Do you have a book coming out? At what stage is your project. It is an interesting discussion, isn't it? 

    • My book came out last year, 'The Momentum Factor' (leadership). Through great effort it hit #1 on Amazon. The result of the book actually landed me a VP sales job, which is amazing in itself, but I haven't had time to promote the book further. I don't want it to fizzle into nothing so I thought to revive it through some help with a publicist. 

  • I have used the same publicist for the past ten years for my business and when I wrote my non-fiction book (published through AMACOM Books) I used them for that.  They were able to secure me a PBS television spot and several speaking engagements.  I'm not sure just how much it translated into book sales, but I feel they were successful in their part.

    • Did the publisher also offer any publicity? At what point did you use the publicist? When did you engage him or her? 

    • My publisher offer a very minimal amount of publicity.  It basically fell on my shoulders, but I'm not sure I would have ended up being published overseas if I had self-published.  By the time the book launched, I was in thirteen international countries, but I still feel that my efforts were critical.  I know that many people google me before they purchase the book and the speaking, media spots, etc. give me the credibility so that they are comfortable making a purchase.  I should add that my book is a very small niche and it's a difficult sell for the most part.  The publicist has given me very valuable pieces I can use in my marketing efforts such as the television appearances and I am able to use them over and over again.

  • I have, and they were fabulously unsuccessful. But it was a learning experience and now I know what not to do next time.

    • Would like to know more details. I think there is a right time and a wrong time for this. How is your online footprint. And I love your attitude. It is a learning experience all around and definitely not an exact science. 

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