We can all use a little romance. This group is for those who write romance, read it, represent it or edit it. Champagne anyone?

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  • DearTellulah,

    Thanks for sharing your book trailer with us, and Good luck :)

  • New here. Just joined and thought I'd say hello. I'm Kemberlee Shortland, and American expat living in Ireland for the last 15 years. Romance and erotica writer, and publisher at Tirgearr Publishing.

    I'm interested in meeting other romance and erotica writers here, especially if there are any living in Ireland.

    Kemberlee Shortland
  • Hello all!

    It is nice to connect with some other romance writers! Here is a link to my online Adult Passion magazine : http://convozine.com/adultpassions 

    Anyone can post to it, and it will allow more exposure to your work. Poems are submitted on there now, but looking for any sort of content that is Adult Passion related. Feel free to post links to your own work, or promote a book!


  • Hello guys, my name is Miss Janelly. If you could check out my first self published e book titled Sincerely Yours. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/116347

  • I've been a romantic at heart for most of my life...if not all of it. My poetry, musical play, short stories, song writings and my as yet-to-be published novel are all reflections of that quest for eternal love. With the exception of one particular short story and some of my poetry, my endings always end on a happy note. Can't help it, as I detest violence of any kind -- which is why I gave up watching TV some 25 years ago. I've been known to shed my fair share of tears, unashamedly, when reading about the pains of others; I have a bad habit of internalizing their pains. I haven't a clue as to why I have always been so overly-sensitive to the plight of others...but I have. Which may go a long way to explaining the sensitivities and happy endings that are contained in my writings. I'm guessing that "who we are within" comes out in our writings...at least it does for me.

  • My novels are basically mystery/suspense with a romantic element. My first novel, Thicker Than Water  (Brands Crossing Series) was published in July, 2011. The second novel in the series will be published in March, 2012.

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