This group is for those who like to stick to the truth because it is more frightening than fiction. If you have ever wanted to write the next "In Cold Blood" join this group. Great for readers and their guilty passion. 

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  • Dear Jilly,

         I'd love to read it. Since I spent time in jail, and witnessed much sexual abuse, my critique might be helpful.

         Hope your health is back to normal.


  • Jon,

    Thanks for sending your story. I was ill for a time and that's why I haven't gotten back to you. But I sure will.

    Since you shared your story with me, I'd like to know if you would beta read my first chapter for a book I'm writing about a gay man caught up in the abuses of jail. I was told it was "Too in your face."  I'd like to know what you think.



  • For the last six years, I have been working on a true crime book. Francis X. "Gaga" Murray is a master storyteller. His sing-song language is unique. The whole book (“Gaga”: The Real Whitey Bulger/Irish Mob Story) reads like a song. I'll gladly give more information.

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Why do you want to write and publish true crime?

My guilty pleasure has always been reading true crime. When I went to journalism school I studied what they were calling back then "new journalism." We now call it narrative non-fiction but the "new journalism," such as books like "In Cold Blood," also allowed for literary license. What has drawn you to True crime and are you working on anything interesting. 

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True Crime Publishing

Hello!I have one true crime title published by Kensington that was ghostwritten, and working on two more titlesof my own. Really trying to get established as a true crime author.What kind of author platform is needed to become established?Any advice is truly appreciated.Smiles,Jilly

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