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I have one true crime title published by Kensington that was ghostwritten, and working on two more titles

of my own. Really trying to get established as a true crime author.

What kind of author platform is needed to become established?

Any advice is truly appreciated.



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  • Hi Jilly, 

    Tell us more about your work. I would be happy to answer some of your questions regarding author platform. We are going to having a webinar on building a platform and are launching a new site called micro publishing media where we choose specific niche titles and provide marketing and personal branding support. Do you have books available that are looking for a home? Have you been running into any difficulties. Publishing has been changing and some of the access that existed in the past is no longer available to non-A list authors. It is very possible to use digital marketing and social media to build a platform. I would have to know more of what you already know to adequately advise. Thank you for being a member of WAENet. 

  • Jilly, Were you the ghostwriter?

    • Hi Jeff,

      I was also editor. 


    • It sounds like you have a pretty good platform as a writer. Next you need to show that you can let a lot of people know about your books and that they will want to know to the point of buying them.

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