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  • Oops, that is meant to say 'tried' not treid. I have just woken up it is still dark outside and coffee has not kicked in yet.

  • Hi Deborah,

    I have tried and treid to upload my pic and for some reason it wont upload it...takes forever and then nothing. I have resized, cropped etc but still won't upoad. I was going to ask if anyone else has any problems in uploading pics. Thank you for your advice, I appreciate the input.

  • Anita, It is great to join a lot of networks but the best way to gain exposure is to participate and invest time in a few. It is great that you are commenting in this group but the first thing I notice is that you don't have a profile pic. You can also take advantage of your profile space to blog and put more extended information about yourself. We look at the profiles and every week Agent Jeff Herman chooses "people to watch" and features them at the front of the site. We hope you will continue to create relationships here. Invite friends and have fun. Thank you Tom for taking a newbie under your wing. That is what social networking is all about. 

  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the comment. I have looked up Driftwood and will email them ASAP. I have already started a blog, which is providing me with  writing experience and exposure. I have started joining various social writers networks in the hope that someone will take advantage of  my 'non-payment' offer, or at least point me in the direction of those who may advise me of the right path to take. Thanks again for the input.


  • Hi Anita,

    apart from asking publishers, large or small, for a free internship, or even a work experience situation where most of your pay is covered by Social Security, you can apply to the larger manuscript assessment/appraisal services for a spot on their books. They're always looking for readers. Driftwood is a good place to start in Australia. You can also offer to review self-published authors on the various services on the net, or even on LinkedIn or here on WEA . They're always looking for reviewers. Or start your own site or blog. It's all good experience.

  • Hi,

    I am a student of proofreading and copyediting with Australian College QED and I am currently working towards my Statement of Attainment from the Diploma of Editing. Once I have completed this, I will then 'upgrade' to the National Editors course and thereby gaining the Diploma of Editing. 

    I would really like to get my hands on some projects ( even non-payment projects) for the experience and references. Does anyone in this group have any suggestions on how I can achieve this? My goal is to work on editing fictional novels and screenplays. 

    I love all aspects of my studies so far ( proofreading and copyediting) and have gained distinction and high distinction grades. 

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • Nothing wrong with composing by hand. A lot of people learn to verbally dictate their work into a recorder, though I've never tried it. Jeff

  • I love to write - when I do - my pen or my fingers Dance. That is what dancing has to do with writing. And yes - I still write somethings by hand, although the novel I am writing is with a computer. Love Word Wrangler. Hate the whisperer thing as well. GRIN

  • Nothing wrong with editor - or writer. Maybe independent (unsigned) writers could call themselves freewriters. As most writers and editors don't use pens any more, and what has dancing got to do with it, I tend to word wranglers. Word whisperers might be less aggressive but I hope we're over the whisperer thing. Way too twee. I'll stick with editor, and freelance has lost all its historical connotations for most. 

  • Never thought of TM. Good thought. I felt totally lucky to get the URL. I also have for my quilting work. Need to design a website for that as well. It has been in the thought process for a few years so at least I have a mental start on it. GRIN

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