• Cool. If you're going to be at the Communication Central conference in Baltimore later this week, we can connect in person there.

  • While I am an editor, I also wear other hats. When I'm working with a self-publishing author, I typically edit the manuscript, design and compose the book, design the cover, and help the author become the publisher (an attitude transplant more than anything else). So I coach the newly minted publisher on how that job works, and I do some of the more pedestrian tasks like helping to obtain a block of ISBNs, an LCCN, etc., for which I get a modest project management fee. But my main paid role ends at delivering a marketable book. The publisher has to develop and execute the marketing plan. I'll kibbitz that process, and I'll tailor the product to match the plan. I'll even help with writing, editing, and designing marketing materials for an additional charge. But the publisher is the boss by the time we get to that stage; I'm just a paid helper.

    On some occasions I've helped authors with the search for an agent or a publisher, and that has sometimes been successful. The odds are better with self-publishing, though.

    • Similar to Dick, I can assist a self-publishing author with all aspects of the publishing process. However, I'm not a designer, so for the design parts I usually send the author to some colleagues who are skilled with book design. If I am advising on the self-publishing process, and coordinating the project, I charge a project management fee in addition to editing.

      In terms of helping authors find an agent or publisher, I have done this, but very frequently the drawback is the management of expectations on the part of the author. I can introduce an author to agents I know, or give them advice on agents who represent books in the author's genre, and ditto re publishers, but there is no guarantee the agent and/or publisher will take on the book. So I tend to avoid helping in the agent/publisher search unless the author understands very clearly that there is no guarantee, and that he/she will have to pay for my time regardless of the outcome.

    • Hi Sharon. Feel free to add me to the list of designers you refer clients to. I often do the design and composition for books edited by colleagues (including mutual acquaintances of ours).

    • Dick, I would love to connect with you and perhaps do some collaborations with clients. When I get back home (I'm up north in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario Canada, celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving), I'll send you an email.

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