Writers are born but successful writers are entrepreneurs. Share with us how you have turned yourself into your own business. This group is not about book promotion, it is about Writer promotion and networking. How have you combined the business world with your love of writing. 

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  • I'd be grateful, Kate, if you'd share your information. I'm going to need to use social media for a book I'm developing. I have used google hangouts for business meetings with some success. How does one use them for marketing, please?

    Pieter Kark at pieterkark@gmail.com

  • I know a thing or two about marketing in this wonderful digital age of social media! I am using google hangouts to further develop my author platform! Anyone here try them out? Deborah?

  • Dear Mrs Herman,

    Thank you for the update.

  • Thank you very much.

    I am in poor condition.s8127709682?profile=originalummer lethargy.I suffer from the summer heat.

    Best regards

    Tetsuro Susumu

  • Sharon's giving you good advice. Your publisher should provide you some marketing support at the initial pub, and when you let them know your ideas to promote your book, you can work together to double-punch the launch. Once you have gotten started, then you can take it from there and keep the energy flowing. Publishers appreciate an author taking action, and they typically will get you started using their budget. They like to see an author willing to put forth the effort to promote the book after the initial campaign. 

  • Sondra, does your publisher give you any marketing support or PR? If so, then you should perhaps meet with their marketing and PR person about what strategies they might be willing to implement. In terms of publicity you can do on your own, recently I met a woman who is an ace marketer. She has a number of programs but the one that might interest you is her press release program...website is www.pressreleasesuccess.com. This program I think is only $67 to get a complete guidebook program for having success with press releases aimed at getting media interviews. The woman's name is Shannon Cherry. You could check her other websites too. I am not an affiliate in these programs, so I am not making money by recommending her programs. My recommendation is based only on my impression that she seems to really know her stuff and is a really nice person as well.

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  • Deborah,

    My publisher informed me this weekend that my book will be available April 4, much much sooner than originally anticipated.  This means I don't have much time for ramp up to launch.  Do you, or anyone, have suggestions, a list of "must do's" before the launch day?

    Sondra Sneed

    Book title: What to Do When You're Dead: A Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being

  • Our book, "Patient's Dental Handbook"...intelligent treatment decisions and affordable innovative cosmetics is available at www.tatepublishing.com  Would enjoy hearing your comments.

  • I started a promotion on my book, Interrogation of Morals, this morning and it already hit #1 in two categories (Terrorism and Intelligence) Very cool!!! If you want it to sell you have to promote it!

  • Thank you Deborah for the invitation! I look forward to reading all of your comments!


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