This is a group for people who like to read new books and give them a good critique. Co-founder and veteran literary Agent Deborah Herman is now CEO of the New Micro Publishing Site Micro Publishing Media, Inc.This is a place for niche and kitsch publishing. Our titles are carefully selected and we work personally with our authors so they can compete in the marketplace.  MPM authors would greatly appreciate having fellow writers and industry insiders supporting their work. If you request a book and we send you a review copy please indicate that in your review. Please also let us know your favorite genres so we can match book to reviewer. Thank you for this service to your fellow authors.

We have introduced some great titles. You can find them on or on the MPM Store

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  • Hi Group,

    I will soon make your assignments. You are awesome. Thank you. 

  • Hello Group,

    I'm Mari, author, editor and publisher at Flying Turtle Publishing. I'm very interested in exchanging reviewing opportunities and learning how you use your reviews. I'll read almost anything other than erotica. I DO pay attention to typos and formatting, but a good story quiets my inner editor. Hope to hear from some of you soon. 

  • I am expecting ARCs of Murder in the Rockies in about a month. Can I sent one to you to recommend or review? Or would pass it on to someone who reads historical/mysteries? I can send either PDF or hard copy.

  • I like mysteries, and would enjoy reviewing/critiquing a smart mystery using PDF. I would especially like to have a fellow writer read and criticize my book when the time comes.How and where do I get started and how do I participate?

  • I like to read Non-Fiction Self-Help books.  I am currently writing one myself and have a number of others in the area of relationships, self love and spirituality. 

    It is good to have as many people as possible read and review your book.  Especially for marketing purposes.

  • Children's picture book and middle grade.

  • Seeing the power authors now have with Self-Publishing, and considering Authors must do their own marketing - This could be huge. Over the next few weeks I will mention it to my community. We will see what happens.

  • I am very excited about this. We will be integrating some of OTBS in WAENet and WAENet into OTBS. Please feel free to invite people to the group. We want to continue to bring greater functionality to this community.  

  • Looks like a great group.

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compelling Memoir about a Veteran who overcame PTSD for Review

This book by D. Thomas Bixby has touched the hearts of many veterans particularly from the Vietnam Era.  Moving personal account of a 22-year-old war veteran’s fight against the paranoia, mental anarchy and debilitating despair of PTSD with schizophrenia; the “split mind” of the disease is revealed as an internal battle between a long hidden natural self and a false self created to survive a world of childhood illness, physical abuse, emotional repression and the horrors of war.“I was afraid to…

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The MPM list for your review.

YA fiction by author Lisa Luciano.  Brody Yates has fallen on hard times. Fired from his job as a sports reporter for a major newspaper, he decides to masquerade as a trainer in order to infiltrate the backstage world of figure skating. He has one chance to save someone's life and to turn his around by breaking the story of a lifetime. The Chosen Ones, though fictionalized, reveals the secrets behind the sequins against the backdrop of the high pressure sport of world class figure skating. In…

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Are you ready to Review?

We have finally fully launched the Micro Publishing Media, Inc publishing site. We have many imprints with representative titles. Please let us know your interests and we will try to match you with authors and their books.  We are always looking for new projects as well. We offer micro publishing with supportive branding. In addition we can now offer access to bookstore distribution for certain titles.  We are growing. Thank you for being patient members of WAENet while we…

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We are finally ready to launch a newly updated and our micro pub imprints.

We thank you for showing in interest in reviewing books. We would like to know who is ready to work on this with us. We also need a group moderator if anyone is interested. You would be responsible for organizing the reviewers and the editorial calendar. You would have first choice of books to read and review and when we are fully launched we will find other ways to reward your dedication to finding and supporting new books and voices. You can respond here and also by writing to Deborah Herman…

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