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  • Judy, contests work incredibly well for driving traffic. When used during the Amazon "Free" promotion where you can allow people to download your book for free is incredibly effective.

    Other promotions and marketing tactics are giving away additional items of value. For example, an extra ebook giving additional insights into your knowledge area or expertise. Free chapters work really well in a pre-release promotion.
  • I recently heard a question asked in a forum: What do you consider the three most important steps you've taken to promote your book. Anyone care to have a go at this?

    • Plan a marketing campaign using promotions and marketing tactics.
      Define a budget
      Execute, execute, execute with a focus on driving traffic
    • Jason: Do you have any suggestions or examples for good promotion and marketing tactics?

      Thanks, Judy Kundert
  • I have the product and a great series, developed a character that elementary children love. I just need a large audience/following/platform. Right now, the only venue bringing me any attention and $ is Facebook. With my status updates alone telling folks that my books are just $5 each, and the fact that my series with the lovable character has gotten two great reviews I have been selling out of my most recent order of books (45) and need to place another order, and fast. I have a few more orders placed!

    Other than that, I really have no other promotional or marketing strategy and would LOVE to hear more about Jason's steps he has taken, including 'gigs'......

    • Joe,

      I did a mind map of the entire process I used to plan and execute my latest promotion. I am going to record a video talking through the steps and use that as the basis for my ebook on the plan. I'd love some feedback on it so if you are interested, I'll post a copy of it on this forum.

  • Can you explain how fivver.com works and what the gigs are. I am also curious how you used Traffic Geyser for $5. Can you explain what it is and how it works. Looks like a great plan. We would love to know more about how to do it. We promise to also read your book. 

    See related links to what you are looking for.
    • Fiverr is a website where everything for sale on the site is $5. A gig is just purchasing one of the items. Everything from having people sing songs, paint their bodies, write sales letters, pretty much whatever you could dream up can be found on fiverr and someone will do it for $5. Sounds crazy I know.

      The cool part is a lot of graphic designers, videographers, voiceover, etc use it as a lead gen engine for their full time businesses. Proving that you can do something really well is a great way to get people to buy from you again. Like writing a good book. People will then buy your next one. Weird how that works.

      Traffic Geyser is product that takes your YouTube video and propagates it across a number of other video sites and that drives up views and traffic. It normally costs something like $97/mo or $247/mo depending on the level. There are people who have subscriptions and will supplement their subscription payment by selling Fiverr gigs to help make their own payment.

      I actually wrote an ebook (for sale exclusively on Fiverr for you guessed it $5) as a test case to see what would work from a promotional standpoint. I was absolutely amazed at my google analytics stats and the amount of traffic to my website I was able to generate for very little money. I have been pondering writing another one on how to use Fiverr to drive a book to the Amazon Bestseller list. My book is currently #45 in its category so still going strong.

      Becoming an Amazon Bestseller is not overly difficult. I highly encourage everyone to promote your next book with a launch plan (really a marketing campaign) to take it to the top of a category.
  • I could have eliminated a few of the gigs that I ran and kept the total under $100 but I paid the extra $5 a few times to have a couple choices, like the Press release.
    • And 6 weeks later it is still in the Top 100 (#88) in its category.
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