How do you like our new look?

How do you like our new look?

We are so happy to have the opportunity to modernize our Writers, Agents, and Editors Network to this bright, new platform. Many of the features are the same, only more so. During the migration, your profiles and the content you uploaded when you originally joined have been moved along with you as best we could do it. This is new to us, so we have been focused on making our new home move-in ready. Here are some things you can do to make yourself comfortable: 

  • You can now add your own cover image along with your profile photo. You will find an options button on your page that will allow you to do this. 
  • Your profile photo should be 72 x 72 px and your cover image is best at 900 x 245. We can help you with this. Just ask.
  • We could not move our groups to the new platforms, so we have set them up for you again. Join as many as you like. You will see we added quite a few new groups. 
  • We want to encourage book clubs where you can share the books you love. For now, we will include them under the Genre Groups unless you would like to separate them. 
  • If you want to be the moderator of a group that interests you, please let us know. 
  • If there is a group you do not see here that we may have left behind, please tell us. 

We created WAENetwork many years ago, and we do not believe we fully utilized it. Now we know we were ahead of our time. Who knew we would be living in a world where virtual is the norm? So let's celebrate that this place is here for you. We can answer your questions, educate you, and help you reach your dreams. You can meet people and share the love of books. Welcome to the new old WAENetwork.

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  • On website's design - don't know if you want comments on that, but I noticed that 3/4 of my browser window is filled with your foto/logo header. The actual page starts at the very bottom of the window, the page title is partially off the page, and all of the content is hidden until we scroll down nearly the length of another page. Space wasted, for some people, seems like time wasted, and sometimes we get all antsy about things like this. I am exposing my age, I know, but a great many writers of all ages want to "Get down to it." On every page, we have to scroll thru all the pictures we already saw, again. All you really need after the Welcome page is about a 1" deep header with the logo, or really, just the logo. We don't need to see all the rows and rows of pretty books again. Just an idea...
    • Hi Victoria, Some of it is working with the developers to make things fit together. We migrated from another platform that was very old looking. I appreciate your comments very much. You will find, however, that I like to design things for amusement so that is on me.
      check out the groups and see if there is anything that interests you. And we will keep adding to the site. You can expand your own profile with photos and blogposts. Also check out our events page. We have a new event starting tomorrow. It is a live course with Jeff Herman, et al on how to decode how agents and publishers decode proposals and how they choose what to acquire.
      As for what it is? We are a place for writers to network with industry insiders but we are also book lovers. So we are including readers in this mix. Networking is networking. A lot of the content that will fill the rest of the page will come from members and new things we are adding. It is a bit frustrating that I don't have as much control over the functionality as I would like. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated.
  • Don't know quite what it is, whether a readers group or a writers group. Maybe you could make it clearer at the start, so we who have limited time wandering can see what this is, and how it might actually benefit us, rather than just be amused. ?
  • I love the new platform. Everything looks outstanding.
    • Thank you Michael. And I believe you remember what it used to look like.
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