• Some topics are more interesting than others to me personally, but I don't only take on work that I find fascinating. I didn't do that when I was an in-house editor and I don't do it now that I'm freelancing. As others have said, work is work.

  • Life is too short for boring jobs. Actually, there is no such thing as a boring job - unless you accept the wasteful state of boredom. Physical jobs can be made exciting with mental activity. Thinking about books, plans, dreams, etc., can eliminate almost all boredom. When working for nonfriend, I try to include three things: 1). job required to make money; 2). my own work (eg. editing manuscript; 3). atleast five minutes of physical activity every hour.                      

  • Of course. Anything can appear boring at any given time for myriad reasons, usually lack of motivation. Work is work. Money is money. We do the job as well as we can.

  • In the case of editing someone's work, I think if the job is boring it may be due to content, and it's up to us to identify why and give suggestions to the author as to how they can make it more interesting.

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