• I LOVE to edit. I've worked on a few projects over the years, but, no, it's not my full-time job. It's something I might do full-time when I retire from homemaking.


  • Regarding time put in, this is definitely my full time job. Regarding money made, let's just say there's no way I could support myself on that income. I would definitely love to do this for a "living"--except, isn't this "living" more than a 9-5 office job typing numbers into a computer and using no creativity whatsoever?

  • Yes. I would like to get back to writing one day but running a band and an editing/assessment service is really all I can manage. Cloning might be good.

  • I agree with Dick.  An aspiring writer myself, I find an immense satisfaction in helping others who share this craft and want to get better.  I've only been freelancing as an editor for a year, but I love it -- and I used to say, many years ago, that I would never turn to freelancing! :>

    What I love most is that I can fit my "working" hours around my family's schedule, so I'm still taking care of them as well as my home but still doing a little something for myself.  I hope to teach my own daughters (if I'm not already doing so by example) that in our technology-driven world it IS possible to have a life-work balance that works for everyone involved.

  • Yes.Helping people turn ideas into books is what I do for a living. That can involve all levels of editing from light-touch copyediting for professional writers to full-on ghostwriting for people with content to share but no pertinent skills or experience; interior book design and production; cover design and production; project management; and coaching through all the stages. But most of my time goes into editing.

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