• Yes, occasionally from one agency, and the communication works both ways. As there are only about 6 agencies in Oz worth anything, we don't expect much from that area.

    • but you have kangaroos

  • I'd love to get referrals too, whether that be on the editing side or the writing side.  Like most everyone who writes, I harbor those dreams of getting published and if I want to go the traditional route I know having an agent who believes in me and is a champion of my work goes a long way toward making those dreams a reality.

    • Have you tried marketing your services to agents?

  • None so far, but yes, I'd love to.

  • Yes, I have had referrals from agents. I love getting referrals from agents because when an agent makes a referral, it's usually the case that the agent sees some promise in the book, and I like being able to help the author fulfill that promise. Also, an agent referral keeps the editor in touch with the market aspects the agent will be thinking about. So if any agents here want to make referrals for editing, bring it on!

  • I do get referrals and always appreciate them.  More would be lovely.

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